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PS4 Custom Controllers, Shells and Skins

Here you can pick up a PS4 Custom Modded Controller, a Custom PS4 Controller Shell, Button Set or Skin! Our shells and skins are a great way to give your controller a brand new and amazing look.

Our Controllers, Shells and Skins are Strong, Custom Made and will give your controller a fantastic upgrade. 

Free with every Shell and Button Set is our own personally written e-book exclusivly for Control Blast customers that gives you step by step instructions and detailed screenshots showing you exactly how to fit your new parts.


ps4shellthumb.png PS4Skin.jpg ps4buttons.jpg

A quick rundown:

PS4 Custom Modded Controller - Our Custom Controllers are built and test by us at Control Blast meaning all you have to do is take it off of the postman, sync it to your console and you are ready to play! We have some amazing desgns and are adding new controllers all the time.  With FREE UK postage and our money back guarantee you can't go wrong!

Shells - Controller Shells are for people who want an overhaul of their controller. Everything from the front and back case to the buttons, thumbsticks and D-Pad are provided to give your controller a completely new look. They do require you to take your controller apart so you'll need a small phillips screwdriver.  You'll have our guide though so follow it closely and in no time at all you'll have a brand new looking controller!

Skins - Made from durable rubber and come in a variety of patterns.  They slip over your controller in a few seconds and no knowledge, screwdrivers or technical wizardry whatsover is needed to fit them!

Button Sets - A great way to update your controller without replacing the outer shell. They include some great chrome finish designs and require you to take apart your controller which means you'll need a small phillips screwdriver. Follow our manual and you will be able to replace your buttons and thumbsticks in no time!


Some comments from some of our customers:

Excellent product and service, thank you 5*

- Morgan from Cleveland

Perfect thank you so much!!!

- Vasilis from Essex

A++ thanks :D fast delivery

- Zak from Dorset



Any questions?

We're always happy to help you out if you're not sure about anything, just get in touch and we'll do our best to help out!  We believe this is the best place to get an awesome PS4 Custom Modded Controller!