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Custom Xbox One Controller FAQ

Custom Xbox One Controller FAQ

Our Xbox One Custom Controllers are made by us and are good to go out of the box. If you have any questions that are not answered below just get in touch!

Q: Is this an offical Microsoft Controller?
A: We've taken an Official Microsoft Xbox One Controller and modified it with a new shell to give you our amazing looking controllers.

Q: Will it work straight out of the box?
A: We supply 2 AA batteries to get you started. Just sync it to your console and it's ready to go!

Q: Has this controller been tested?
A: Each of our modified controllers goes through complete testing by one of our engineers before it is sold. Each test checks every button is responding correcty, the rumble motors are working, the range of the thumbsticks is complete, the D-Pad range is functioning, each trigger and shoulder button is responsive and that the controller will sync.

Due to the way the shells are produced your controller might not look exactly the same as those pictured.  The overall design will be the same but the layout will differ and the colours may be slightly darker or lighter.