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Controller Shells

Controller Shells

Our controller shells are the best way to give your games controller a brand new look. They come with all the parts needed to replace the case, trims and buttons of your existing controller in one of our great designs.

From Carbon Fiber to Red Skulls to Wood Grain to Chrome Iron Man style we've got a design to match all tastes. Our shells are not full controllers and do not come with the internal circuits, you will need to use the inside components of your existing controller.

Hydro Dipped Controller Shells

Most of our Shells are Hydro Dipped to get the pattern or design cleanly and neatly printed. The process of transferring the design or pattern onto a three dimensional surface is called Hydro Dipping. A special film is printed with the desired design and sprayed with an activating chemical. The surface of the product is then 'dipped' into the film which wraps around it. A protective top coat is then applied to ensure the integrity of the design.

What you get:


  • Front and Back Shell Case
  • Upper Trim (inc LB and RB button insert) 
  • Lower Trim
  • Battery Case
  • ABXY Buttons
  • Sync Button 
  • LT and RT Buttons
  • Guide Button (with fitting ring)
  • D-Pad
  • Start and Back Buttons
  • 2 Thumbsticks
  • Screws


You will need to take apart your existing controller and use some of the parts inside to fit your new shell. This means you'll need a T8 screwdriver and a small phillips screwdriver to fit all the parts. Check the Tools section of our shop if you need a T8 screwdriver!

Included with all of our shells is a FREE download of our step by step installation guide detailing how to take apart your controller and fit your new parts.

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