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About Our Shells

Are the shells you sell full controllers?

NO! :) In order to use our shells you will need to take apart your existing controller. Some parts you'll re-use, other parts you'll replace with your new shell. We have a FREE installation guide for every shell and button set we sell that requires any setup or installation.


Fitting your New Shell/Buttons

How do I replace my old controller shell with my new one

You'll need a T8 screwdriver (we sell these here) and a small phillips screwdriver. Once you've made your purchase you'll get access to our step by step guides to replacing your shell. If you're still stuck then get in touch and we'll do what we can to help.

Is replacing my existing controller shell difficult?

The first time you replace a shell it can be a bit fiddly and you'll need a bit of patience but overall it's fairly easy. Our step by step guides will take you through each action you need to perform to take apart your existing controller and fit your new parts.



How quickly will I receive my order?

We guarantee we will send your order within one working day of us getting your payment. We'll do our best to dispatch it on the same day but as this isn't always possible we'll definitely get it posted the next working day. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more info.



You can return your items to us within 14 days, please see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.


New Products

Will you have new shells/buttons/skins in stock soon?

We're always looking out for new and fun stuff to supply, keep up to date on our new products and special offers by signing up to our newsletter

Anything we've not covered? Please get in touch at and we'll do our best to help