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Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Controller Front Shell Now Available

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We're really happy that we've got a great new Xbox One Controller Front Shell available for you!  It's a design we've liked for a long time and it's available exclusively for Xbox One Controllers right now!

It's our brand new  Zombie Blood Hand Faceplate and we think it looks bloody, Zombie like and pretty amazing.

Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Controller Front Shell Side

The design has a bloody red hand smeared down the left of the shell and blood dripping from each of the ABXY buttons.  The rest of the shell is plain white and enhances the blood effect :)

Why buy this Xbox One Controller Front Shell from Control Blast?

We've seen some designs around that are just stickers that are put directly onto the front of the controller. These are fine for a while but as you keep rubbing these with your hand sweat and grime gets under them they quickly peel off leaving you with a rubbish looking controller.  

Our design is dipped and then covered with a protective layer so your sweaty dirsty hands won't be rubbing anything off!  Take a closer look by clicking here.

Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One controller Front Shell

As this is a front shell you won't need to take your entire Xbox One Controller apart to fit it, you'll just need to remove some screws from the back, replace your current front shell with this one and screw it back in!  

You'll be done in a few minutes and to help you along the way you'll get our FREE downloadable installation guide which will take you step by step through the whole process.

So how might your controller look once it's fitted?  Here's one we made earlier and we think it looks pretty awesome:

Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Front Shell on controller

This is an amazing looking Xbox One Controller Front Shell and a great way to customise your controller for a few quid quickly and easily.  Click here for more details or take a look at the rest of our awesome front shells here

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