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XBOX One Shells now available!

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The how-to guide is written, the pictures have been taken and very few tantrums have been thrown (honest)...this can only mean we have brand new shells for sale!

We're happy to tell you that on sale as of right now are our great new XBox One Controller Shells. We have 2 new designs at the moment and we love them both.  The first is the classic Wood Grain effect that we love so much in our XBox 360 range.  It's a full shell including buttons, triggers, D-Pad, thumbsticks...everything you need to buff up that XBox One controller:

XBox One Controller Shell Wood Grain

The 2nd design has obviously got skulls on it, blue skulls this time in a crazy graffiti theme which is why we are calling it our Crazy Blue Skulls Shell.  Once again this comes with everything you need to give your entire controller a refit and it's a design we'll hopefully be getting more colours in soon!

XBox One Controller Shell Crazy Blue Skulls

With each shell you get:

  • Front and Back Shell Case
  • Battery Case
  • Left and Right Trigger Buttons
  • LB and RB Buttons
  • Sync Button and Cover
  • Guide, Start and Back Buttons
  • D-Pad
  • ABXY Buttons
  • 2 Thumbsticks

As ever we have a how to guide that comes as a free download if you purchase one of our shells and it takes you through the entire process of taking your current XBox One Controller apart and fitting your new bits.  We'd say this is a bit more fiddly than an XBox 360 Shell but the controller itself is designed well so there are no major problems fitting a new one...the sync button is the stuff dreams are made of compared to the 360 sync :)  You need a T8 Security Screwdriver, a T6 screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver (or something else sturdy and flat, there aren't any flat screws to play with).

Click here to see our fantastic XBox One Shells and check back soon for more designs!

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