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Xbox One Controller Skins now for Sale!

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One of our cheapest and most popular ways of updating your controller is buying one of our great silicone skins.  We have them for your XBox 360PS4 and now we have them for your XBox One Controller.

We have 2 great new designs for the Xbox One: the first is our Fantasy Green and the second is our Fantasy Blue Camouflage skin.

Fantasy Green Xbox One Controller Skin Fantasy Blue Camouflage Xbox One Controller Skin

Both are made from strong silicone and fit straight over your XBox One controller. This means there's no taking your controller apart, no complicated installation needed and you are ready to get back to gaming within a few seconds.

A silicone skin not only gives you extra grip and gives your controller a whole new look but it also provides protection for your controller from dirt, sweat, scratches and impacts.

The back of both skins are ribbed which provide even more grip which will give you a better gaming experience all round.

For a cheap and easy way to update and protect your controller you can't do much better than to get hold of one of our skins!

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