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XBox One Controller Firmware Update Coming Soon

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According to Major Nelson there is currently a controller firmware update on the XBox Preview Program that fixes a few issues. Interestingly for us it fixes the slightly irritating 5ish seconds it takes to properly boot up the XBox One.  The new update should lower this to about 2 seconds which should be quick enough to stop ant nail biting or furious staring at your controller.

The update is said to do the following:

  • Quick Connect – previous controller connections to an Xbox One took 4-5 seconds when powering on a controller, now they should occur in ~2 seconds
  • Stability improvements – the firmware also provides a number of fixes that address issues submitted by customers and preview participants

For help on XBox One Controller connection problems take a look here and everything you could want to know about the controllers is at the XBox Controllers site here

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