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Want to know more about modded controllers?

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Blood and Skulls Xbox One Custom Controller

Do you like the look of modded controllers? Are you thinking about buying one sometime but not sure where to start? What even is a modded controller? Are they legal? 

We've got all the answers for you here!

What exactly is a modded controller?

A modded controller can mean one of many things. It can be anything from: 

  • a design change to the outer shell
  • replacing the buttons or thumb sticks to chrome or different colours
  • a modification of the internal electronics that give you advantages in games such as being able to fire your gun very quickly.

Is using a modded controller cheating?

Well, that's a matter of opinion :) If you have a controller that has a new shell design or different looking buttons then absolutely not, these controllers just look great and offer you no unfair advantages when playing your games.

Controllers with modifications such as Rapid Fire (which lets you fire your gun very quickly just by pulling the trigger once) are not technically illegal. They simulate what you could do on your own controller by pressing the fire button very quickly.

However these kind of modifications are looked down upon by many of those in the gaming community though as many feel they give an unfair advantage and perform advanced actions without any skill from the player. 

If you are playing online and are suspected of using a mod like this expect to be harassed by your fellow players!

I personally don't like mods such as that give you an advantage such as Rapid Fire.  It shows a lack of skill and does give you an unfair advantage over players who aren't using this kind of device.

How do they differ from 'stock' controllers?

Chrome Iron Man PS4 Controller

If we just concentrate on modded controllers with a new design then the main difference is that you have a great looking controller! 

It stands out from the plain dull designs stock controllers come in and can be customised to represent a favourite superhero, have a different feel or even glow in the dark!

They are exactly like regular gamepads and are made with the internal components of official controllers.

This means you are getting the reliabilty and functionality of the official version but a totally custom look to suit your tastes.

OK there are some controllers out there that use cheap, unofficial electronics. They not designed or built by the official companies and are more likely to break and go wrong. 

Always check that the controller you are looking at is made from official Microsoft/PS4 components as buying a cheap unofficial version might be good in the short term but will likely turn out to be a false economy.

Refurbished or New?

If you decide to invest in a new controller then you might find some out there that are cheaper than brand new. These will be either refurbished or pre-owned.

A refurbished controller is one that has previously had something wrong with it and has been fixed. It might have been a minor problem like a broken button, shell or thumb stick or something more serious which means internal components have been replaced or worked on.

While refurbished controllers usually work out cheaper and are 'fully tested' by the people who are selling them 99% of the time you have no idea what broke on them in the first place. There also might be underlying issues that haven't been discovered.

Yep, that's why they are cheaper! You have to decide if you are going to spend money on a new controller do you want it to be a controller that someone else got rid of? Undoubtedly there are some good deals out there but you might also get the one that was thrown down the stairs or chewed by the dog and is hanging on for dear life. 

For a bit more investment you'll get a brand new gamepad that is totally new inside and out.

Again it's up to you and as with everything refurbished you could get an amazing deal or you could go for the something that's new and untouched.

Gold Dragon Scales Xbox 360 Controller

Are modded controllers more expensive than official controllers?

You can't avoid it, if you're buying a custom controller then it's very likely you'll pay more than you would for a standard controller. 

Your custom controller is going to be made from a brand new official controller with extra or new parts added to it.

Someone fits your new parts and then runs the controller through a full testing program to make sure it's working correctly.

It's going to cost a bit more than your bog standard controller because of the new parts and time it takes to build and test but look at the results! It's got to be worth it for a controller that looks as great as these hasn't it? :)

Bloody Zombie Xbox One ControllerWhat designs are available?

There are plenty of designs available for all consoles depending on your style and personal preference. 

You can go for a more muted, simple design that just changes the colour of your buttons or you can go for a colourful shell design with bright graffiti, skulls and even blood spatters if that's your thing!

About Control Blast

At Control Blast we have a full range of custom controllers for the PS4Xbox One and Xbox 360

We build every single controller in house and each one goes through a full testing program once it is built. This ensures that you are getting a top quality controller that will work right out of the box.

Why Control Blast?

We love games and we love modding games controllers. It's something we have been doing for years and we make a simple promise: we never send out a controller we wouldn't be happy with receiving ourselves

Each controller comes with a 100% money back guarantee, Free UK postage and is sent 1st class registered. On top of this every controller is sent out within 1 working day!

We'd love for you to have a look at our great range of controllers. Each controller has pictures of it from multiple angles so if you like the look of one click on it for more!

Custom PS4 Controllers        Custom Xbox One Controllers       Custom Xbox 360 Controllers

If you have any questions just drop us a line via our contact page and we'll get in touch within 24 hours.

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