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Take a look at our new Sticker Bomb XBox 360 Controller Shell

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If you're after a controller shell with a bit more colour than most then our new Sticker Bomb Xbox 360 Controller Shell might be exactly what you are looking for.  The front shell, back shell, battery case, triggers, trims and D-Pad are all covered in a random sticker style design that include skulls, flames, logos, symbols and various characters.


The thumbsticks and all buttons are a nice black colour that make them stand out from the rest of the controller and because the design is so random no 2 controllers are ever going to be exactly the same!

As with all of our XBox 360 shells when you purchase you'll get a free download of our step by step guide via an e-book which takes you through every step of taking apart your current controller and fitting your new one.  Click here to see more details and pictures of this great new controller shell and here to see our full range of XBox 360 Controller Shells!

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