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Iron Man PS4 Controller Review

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Splashing out on a brand new controller is often a pain in itself, but paying more money to get one that looks different from the others, is it really worth it? We've got a wonderful looking Dualshock 4 to reveiw today but are looks everything? We'll delve into all this and more in our Iron Man PS4 Controller Review!

Iron Man Custom Dualshock 4 Controller

How it looks

Let's get it out of the way first.  This controller looks amazing :) To give you that authentic Iron Man style the front and back are a polished red colour. It has black thumb sticks and the standard black touchpad.  Then the most striking part of this controller...the chrome gold buttons, d-pad and triggers.

Iron Man Custom Dualshock 4 Controller Front

These buttons really do push this controller to the next level and make it feel a little bit special when you are using it. And you can be forgiven for humming a little bit of Black Sabbath when you are playing with it :) 

The chrome effect is very good and catches the light nicely so you can see it glinting if you're lucky! (In fact while I was taking the pictures for this controller it was sometimes tricky to get the light right so I wasn't blinded by the reflection from a gold button)

Avoid cheap internals!

The inside of the controller is actually no different from your standard Dualshock 4.  It is a Dualshock 4 and I think that's a very important poiont to emphasise.  

Too many cheap controllers are on the market these days using unoffical electronics purchased (and produced) at a fraction of the price of an official controller.  

These cheap electronics are poorly made and break easily and although they may be cheap I would never use or recommend any product that could break so easily.  They may be cheaper but they are cheaper for a reason.  False economy and all that...it's certainly true with those types of controller!

This controller uses 100% official internal Sony parts so you know they are well made and will last.  It's also unmodified in the sense that there's no crazy chips or hacks installed that give you any quick shot or other advantages in games. And here at Control Blast we like that. 

I won't get onto a big rant about it here but getting the better of someone using a modified controller designed to give you an unfair advantage is just the biggest noob thing you can do. We don't like it, we don't use anything like that and we'll never recommend any product that utilises anything like it. Rant over...for now :)

The Feel

Iron Man Custom Dualshock 4 Controller

There is always a worry that a custom controller like this will look fine but feel cheap and 'plasticy'. Even though the official Dualshock 4 is made of plastic I get that.  

This controller feels solid and the button presses are snappy and responsive.  

The same with the D-Pad too. Sometimes custom D-Pads can feel a bit spongey once they are fitted but this one feels like the original and you can't tell the difference with the feeling or response times from pressing it.

The polished red shell used on this controller is the same size as the offical PS4 controller so gripping it is home from home and you won't need to adjust or get used to it, just slip it into those gaming hands of yours and you'll be fine.


OK it's confession time, I have owned one of these controllers for years. It's the one I use to play on my PS4 every day and I love it.  

Everyone who sees it wants it, I love the unique look and anyone who sees it says 'Iron Man', it's very clear! I wouldn't play with a controller that didn't feel right and while it won't make you into Tony Stark there are certainly no disadvantages to using this controller over an official one.

So in my mind is it worth paying some extra cash for a custom controller?  Yeah I think so, look at it, it's beautiful :)

The Good

  • Great looking
  • Solid feel
  • Responsive

The Bad

  • Slightly Pricey
  • Fingerprints show up a bit more on the chrome buttons, but are easily wiped off

Slightly pricey

The Ugly

  • It isn't ugly at all, it's very pretty

Control Blast Rating  

4/5 - Excellent Controller, slightly on the pricey side but I wouldn't be without mine.

Get yours from Amazon by clicking here. I'm sure you'll love it!

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