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Sticky XBox 360 Controller Buttons?

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Every so often, whether you have kept your trusty old controller tightly screwed and intact or totally modded it, we all find that our XBox 360 controller buttons can start sticking. At best this is a frustrating problem as your guide button annoys you every time you press it and at worst it can render your controller next to useless as your A button gets jammed every time you press it.

This can be caused by many things but it's usually down to a build up of dirt, grease, sweat and anything else we subject our controllers to throughout the years. Before you throw it out though, or at the TV (it's normally a sticky controller that means I got shot first...or light shining onto the screen...or lag...or something else that isn't my fault) you might be able to fix it by giving it a good clean.

In the first of our problem solving guides we take you through opening up your controller and giving the buttons and the case a good scrub which is most cases should fix your sticky buttons problem.

Check out our help section or click the link below to get started.  Good luck and if you need any help let us know!


Xbox 360 Sticky Buttons

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