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Some of our favourite games theme tunes by fans

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Video games theme tunes go a long way to defining the game and the experience you have while playing them.  They have developed hugely over the years and some theme tunes have become classics in their own right inspiring hundreds of gamers to reproduce them.  From people sitting at home playing on their guitars to full blown orchestras playing entire themes the results can be at least amusing and in some cases outstanding.

Below are a few of our favourites videos and if you like them there are plenty more out there to be found!

A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games

From Space Invaders to The Last of Us and much more in between this video plays some of the best theme tunes throughout the ages with distorted guitars and killer drums.  Really well edited and put together it's amazing this only took a week to complete.  17 minutes long and well worth every minute.

Super Mario Medley

Sitting behind his piano (and blindfolded for the first part!) here is a great medley of Super Mario themes and instantly recognisable to anyone who has had fun with mushrooms and rescuing princesses.

Guile Theme - Street Fighter 2

This theme is lifted straight from Guile's level on Street Fighter 2 played on acoustic guitar and shows how great some tunes that are embedded in your memory can sound when played this well and proves what great tunes they are even today.

Video Game Orchestra - Ocarina of Time

A complete departure from the heavy metal tunes above this is the heroic Zelda - Ocarina of Time theme played by an orchestra and is basically beautiful.  Once again goes to show what fantastic tunes are in video games and specifically the epic soundtracks Nintendo give us in the Zelda games.

Have any others game theme tunes that have been remade that you love? Let us know!

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