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Replacing your Xbox One Controller Analogue Thumbsticks

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After hours and hours of gaming, having your sweaty hands all over them, getting sticky and somewhat dubious liquids over them and being launched across the room as some idiot spins you out yet again during a stunt race your thumb sticks can take a pounding over the years.  If yours get broken, dented or abused don't reach out for a brand new controller just yet! 

You might be fine just replacing your thumb sticks and saving yourself some money.  So why not give that a try with the awesome Control Blast Guide to replacing your Xbox One Controller thumbsticks :)

Before you get started

You'll need a T8 Security Screwdriver and some replacement thumb sticks.  
And take some deep breaths.  Some of the parts of the controller can be tricky to take off and the last thing you want to do is snap anything by forcing it. Be firm yet don't force anything!

The information in this guide are intended to show you how we replaced the thumbsticks on our controller. If you choose to replicate the steps in this guide you do so at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your controller if you start to dismantle it. Dismantling your controller voids it's warranty so if you're not covered if you break it!

Taking your controller apart

The first thing to do is pry off the back of the 2 handles of the controller.

Unless you're super careful we'd recommend using something plastic to lever this section off as using metal tools can easily scratch or damage the plastic.

Pop off the top by pressing the trigger down and inserting your chosen prying tool then lever the top part of the handle off.

You might be able to pull the handle away by hooking your nails underneath and pulling it but if not.....

...use your prying tool to lever off the rest of the clips, show here in green.  

Once you've popped all of these it'll be much easier to take the handle off.

And again be careful while doing this! It's easy to dent or scratch the plastic and also to break a clip if you start wrenching at the handle!
Once the back handles are off you'll need your T8 to take out the 5 screws circled in green. 

The one right in the middle is hidden, as per some sort of weird Microsoft tradition, behind a sticker in the battery case.

You can either take the sticker off or poke through it with your screwdriver. 

Put the screws safely to one side as there's nothing more frustrating than losing a couple when you come to put it back together...  

(except being blamed by some idiot because they couldn't follow simple instructions and broke their controller then decided it wasn't their fault, which it never is of course. 

That's pretty frustrating too)

Removing your thumb sticks

Once the screws are undone you can remove the front face plate.

The back half of the shell will also be loose and ready to come off so be careful.  There's no need to take it off so keep it in place.

Your poor broken hard working thumb sticks will now be exposed and ready to be retired.

Replacing your thumb sticks now is very easy, pull them straight and they'll slide right off of the controller.

Then it's simply a case of lining up your new thumbs and firmly pressing them on.  

Give them a quick couple of pushes so you can here the click of the L3 and R3 and you should be good.

Thumb sticks successfully replaced!

From here just pop your face plate back on, do the screws up again and click on the handles you removed earlier.  Then you've got an Xbox one Controller with thumb sticks that are ready for hours more thrashing!

Thanks for reading this guide and we hope it helps you to replace your Xbox one Controller thumb sticks should you need to!  If you're in the market for a new controller though we'd love you to check out some of ours here. We've got an amazing range of Custom Xbox One Controllers and they are all personally built by us here at Control Blast.

And as a congrats for reading to the end you've earned yourself a 5% discount on any of our Custom Xbox One Controllers! Just put in the code IREADTHEMANUAL at checkout to claim your discount!

If you've got any questions, comments or suggestions get in touch and we'll be happy to have a chat!

This guide and photos have been produced by us at Control Blast. We'd love for it to help you out but you may not copy or distribute any of the text or photos without our written permission. Please get in touch for more information.

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