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Refurbished XBox 360 Controllers now available

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We love our controller shells at Control Blast but we're well aware that sometimes you don't have time to fit them yourself or don't want to risk opening up your own controller. That's why we're now offering some of our controller shells already fitted and ready to go!  The circuits, rumble motors etc from a controller have been taken out of a controller and fitted into one of our great XBox 360 Controller Shells.  Once fitted and assembled the controller is run through a series of checks by the Control Blast Team to make sure everything is working correctly, these checks include:

  • Triggers and all buttons functioning
  • Both Analogue sticks are responding and have a full range of movement
  • D-Pad is working and responding
  • The rumble motors are both working
  • The controller is able to sync to an XBox

Only when we're happy the controller is functioning properly we then allow it to go out for sale.

So why not take advantage of one of our refurbished controllers and save yourself the time and hassle of putting a controller shell together yourself.  Just add 2 AA batteries, sync to your XBox 360 and you'll be ready to get blasting in seconds!

Available refurbished controllers at the moment are our Call of Duty Ghosts XBox 360 Controller:

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox 360 Controller

And our fantastic Iron Man Xbox 360 Controller:

Iron Man Xbox 360 Controller

We'll be adding more options soon and will soon be offering the option for you to create your own controller!  In the meantime though if you have any specific requirements or would like a refurbished controller in any of our other custom XBox 360 shell designs get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

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