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Our New Xbox 360 Controller Thumbsticks and D-Pads

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We're very pleased to show off our latest Thumbstick and D-Pad sets! Here we have cheap thumbstick replacements and more exclusive aluminium sticks to really give your controller a great new look.

If you're looking to replace your standard worn out thumbsticks because many hours of driving, shooting, flying and peggling have taken their toll then our black set might be just what you're after.

Black Thumbsticks and D-Pad for Xbox 360 Controller

These are cheap, easy to fit and will breathe new life into those broken old analog sticks that should have been replaced a long time ago.

For the same price as the black thumbstick set we also have our clear red set that are a bit more fun and could give your controller a great new look while sticking on some new thumbsticks and D-Pad:

Clear Red Thumbsticks and D-Pad for Xbox 360 Controller

Made from clear red plastic these are almost see through and a great way to update your controller without forking out a lot of money on a brand new controller.  These fit in exactly the same way as your existing analog sticks so installation is relatively quick and easy!

Our new favourite set though has to be our amazing looking Gold Aluminium Thumbsticks.  These are made of metal so won't be wearing out anytime soon, have ribbed edges for super thumb grip and they look and feel superb.

Gold Aluminium thumbsticks for Xbox 360 Controller

Theses are the next level of thumbsticks and would look great in any controller or as an addition to a customised shell!

Take a look at our new XBox 360 Thumbstick sets here, our Full Button, Trim and Thumbstick sets here and our great Customised Shells here!

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