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Our New Sale Section

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We pride ourselves on selling top quality shells, skins and button sets and would only sell something to you that we'd be happy to receive and use ourselves. Because of this insistence on high quality sometimes some of the products don't quite come up to our high standards. Usually there is nothing physically wrong with them and they would work exactly how they are supposed to but cosmetically they don't quite make the cut so we refuse to sell them at a normal price. This is where our new sales section comes in and gives you the chance to get some of our fantastic products at knock down prices.

As an example of what we're talking about here's one of our great Blue Camouflage XBox 360 Controller Skins.

Physically it's fine and would do the exact same job as any other one of our skins as there are no rips, no tears and the silicone structure is perfect. However the finish doesn't really come up to the standard we would expect and it's not a skin we'd be prepared to sell you at full price. The end product doesn't quite live up to the blue and black camouflage effect we're after so rather than sell it to you and hope you don't notice or don't care (as it's so cheap anyway!) we've decided to sell it as a cheap Xbox 360 controller skin in our sales section.

Keep checking back as we'll be continually adding new products at lower prices so you can get a bargain! We'd never knowingly sell anything that doesn't do what it's supposed to so you can still buy with the same confidence you would with our main products (in other words we won't be sending you some old junk that is broken!) and we'll give you as much information as we can about the product before you buy.

Check out our sales section now and grab a cheap deal!

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