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Our New Custom Creations Section starring YOUR controllers!

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We love everything about customising controllers and we love to see what creations people have come up with once they have their new shell, skin or button set.  Whether it's putting your shell together straight out of the box or customising it by adding some different buttons or thumbsticks people every day are making amazing and totally unique controllers.

Hulk and Iron Man Custom XBox 360 Controllers

We've had some awesome photos sent to us by people that purchased their parts from us and did something with them, be it put them straight together to show off or adding their own unique touches. We want to showcase the best ones for you and would love you to let us know which are your favourites.

100 Dollar Xbox 360 Custom Controller with Bullet Buttons

So go to www.controlblast.co.uk/photos to see the the latest additions and what people have done with the 360, Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Let us know which controllers you like the best and our favourites will win a prize. If you have a creation of your own check out the photos page to see how you can send your pics to us and get included!

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