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Our latest cheap Custom Xbox One Controllers!

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It's been a few days since we released a new controller with skulls on it so lets fix that right now with 2 new designs!  2 different skull layouts on the Xbox One Controller, one a bit more realistic and the other a bit more manic :)  Welcome to our world of cheap custom Xbox One Controllers!

We'll show you the more realistic looking one first (scroll down if you're into more evil looking controllers) which is our  Crazy White Skull Controller:

 Crazy White Skull Xbox One One Controller Top

Covered in white skulls this controller also has black trims, thumbs and D-Pad.  All the important inside bits are 100% Official Microsoft Xbox One Controller parts, we've just modified it to create this deathly looking controller just for you.

It works straight out of the box and we even give include the batteries to get you going so all you need to do is to sync it to your console!

This crazy controller is a great looking design and will make your controller pop like no other!

Insane looking cheap custom Xbox One Controllers!

OK so what if you fancy something a little more evil...try  our Crazy Red Skull Controller! This one has manic looking skulls on it but this time they are staring right back at you:

Crazy Red Skulls Xbox One Controller Crazy Red Skulls Xbox One Controller Top

This controller has demonic looking red skulls on a black background with black trims, buttons, thumbs & D-Pad and one to own if you don't mind the abyss staring back into you!

Each controller is built by one of our Control Blast Technicians in the UK and undergoes a full range of tests before we let it leave Control Blast Towers and come to you.  These tests include checking:

  • Button function
  • Rumble motors
  • Thumb Stick Range
  • Trigger Range
  • Shoulder buttons
  • Sync Capability

We never let a controller leave us that we wouldn't be happy to play with ourselves. We get it if you're still unsure though which is why we off a full money back guarantee if you're not completely happy with your controller...we just know you will be :)

So have a proper look at our White Skulls Controller here and our Red Skulls Controller here....or click right here to have a look at our full range of cheap custom Xbox One Controllers!

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