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On the lookout for a cheap custom Xbox One Controller? Look here!

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The latest in our line of custom Xbox One Controllers is here and were happy to say the theme of skulls and blood runs deep at the moment!  And with lots more designs coming over the next week this is the perfect time to get your hands on a cheap custom Xbox One Controller!

First up today is a brand new design for us and not available on any other platforms...hooray it's an Xbox One exclusive!  And what an exclusive it is, one we lovingly call Blood and Skulls:

Blood and Skulls Xbox One Custom Controller

Not only is this design unique to the Xbox One right now but the front has a matt finish which is usually hard to find as most controllers are all glossy. 

Some people say this helps with grip and even say it stops their hands sweating as much when they are playing.

With normal a normal looking skull on one side, a crazy skull on the other and a bloody hand print & blood covering the rest we're sure this controller will fast become one of our most popular designs!

Want a different cheap custom Xbox One controller?

How about more blood and less skulls? This one should fit the bill nicely...our Scary Blood Spatter Controller

Scary Blood Spatter Xbox one Controller

This one looks like it was held up in front of someone whose team mate was the wrong side of an explosion. Realistic looking blood splatters all over the front and runs down in globs at the same time.

These controllers are all pretty unique as the way they are made means no 2 look exactly alike!  The blood spatter layout and density differs on each one giving you a one of a kind controller!

It's a great design and one you can take into the apocalypse knowing the look won't change that much.

All of our custom controllers are made with brand new, official Microsoft Xbox One Controllers.  Each one is carefully modified and tested by us to make sure it looks and functions perfectly before it's sold.  And we're so nice all of our Xbox One Controllers come with 2 AA batteries just for you!  For more info on our controllers take a look at this FAQ

We love our custom controllers and make sure we spend as much time and effort as necessary to give you the best controller we possibly can which is why we think you need to look no further than us for a cheap custom Xbox One Controller!

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