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New XBox 360 Camouflage Controller Skin on Sale!

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We love our controller skins here at Control Blast.  They are cheap, easy to fit, protect your controller from dirt, liquids, bumps, scratches and prangs and they give your controller a brand new look in the quickest time possible. Combined with this they give you extra grip which is always a good thing to have when the pressure is on.  We do have some crazy camouflage style XBox 360 controller skins like our Blue and Black Camo and our Fantasy Green and Blue but we have just added a more traditional, slightly more understated style that is our most authentic camouflage style to date.  

Our Green and Brown Camouflage skin is more like the camouflage style you'd expect when conjuring up an image of a camouflaged controller.  It's blended colours lend itself perfectly to the camouflage and if controllers wore army uniforms then this is what they'd be marching around in:

Just like all of our skins it quickly fits over your controller and instantly gives it more protection and a great new look. So what are you waiting for, click here and treat your hard working controller to a bit of comfort and protection!

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