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New Red Zombie PS4 Controller Shells in Stock!

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We have some great new PS4 controller shells coming up for you in the next few weeks and months, the first of which is our lovely undead Red Zombie Shell!

Covered Front and Back with great zombie faces and skulls this is our most deathly PS4 Controller Shell to date!

PS4 Controller Shell Red Zombie Front Side

It comes with Black Buttons, D-Pad, thumbsticks and touch pad plate (check the product description to see why we recommend using your current touchpad though, and make sure you check to see if your controller is compatible with this shell!)

PS4 Controller Shell Red Zombie Back

If you're all set though and purchase this shell you'll of course get our step by step installation e-guide which takes you through every step of taking apart your old controller and fitting this great new shell! This is a great new shell that we're really pleased to have on sale! Click here for full details and to add to your cart.

Keep checking our blog and PS4 products pages to keep updated on all of our new shell and products!

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