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New Range of Xbox One Protective Cases Now Available!

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Protecting your XBox One Controller with one of our great skins is a fantastic way of protecting your controller.  However, what if you have just installed a fancy new shell, don't want to cover it up with silicone but still want it protected?  Then you need one of our great new protective cases!

Made from lightweight materials with a rubber exterior our hard cases are perfect for storing your controller in overnight or while you are on the move.  It comes complete with a wrist strap too so if you want to grab it while on the move you can while keeping your hands free.

Whether you are worried about leaving your controller on the floor or on a shelf while you are not using it or want to give it protection from dust, bumps and knocks while you are on the move this is a cheap and effective case with anti-shock properties that will add another line of defense to your controller safety.

Your controller fits snugly inside and then zips into it's new homewith no fuss or bother and is safe for you to use whenever you are ready to get it out again.  Have a look at our protective XBox One controller cases here.

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