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New Green and Blue Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller Silicone Skin!

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We love our XBox 360 Controller Skins.  Not only are they cheap but they give any controller a brand new look, a brand new feel and give it a bit of protection from that hazards of being a games controller.  Those hazards might be sticky, pizza coated fingers, scratches from when it gets 'dropped', dust and general lumps and bumps. 

It's a hard life being a games controller so giving it a bit of love back is never a bad thing.  You could try following one of our great guides detailing how to clean your controller or you could treat it to one of our fantastic new Green and Blue Fantasy Camouflage Skins.

Following on from our popular camouflage XBox 360 Skins this one takes it a bit more into the fantasy route and blends greens and blues to give a really unique looking skin:

Xbox 360 Controller Green and Blue Silicone Skin Front Blue and Green Fantasy Xbox 360 Controller Skin Back

We love the way this skin looks and feels and will make a great addition to any Xbox 360 Controller.  Click here for more details, photos and ordering information!  And check out our other great XBox 360 Controller Skins here!

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