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New Chrome Button Sets for PS4 Controllers

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While we love all of our crazy coloured and different styles of controller shell sometimes you just want to update your trusty old PS4 Controller shell but give it a bit more polish and style without changing the whole thing.  That's when you usually choose a nice chrome button set to brighten it up and we have a few new style just for you!

Chrome Purple

First up is our classic Chrome Purple style and we love the way it makes your controller stand out.  The Chrome Purple set comes complete with all your Buttons, Triggers and D-Pad in Chrome and plain purple thumbsticks:

PS4 Custom Controller Button Set - Chrome Purple

Chrome Red

Next is a great Chrome Red button set which gives a slightly less lairy feel but is cool and shiny nonetheless. This button set comes with Chrome Red Buttons, D-Pad & Triggers and clear thumbsticks!

PS4 Custom Controller Button Set - Chrome Red

Chrome Gold

And what list of Chrome Buttons would be complete without the classic and favourite of Gold Chrome :) Giving your PS4 Controller a fantastic update and making it look at least 100 times better than with those standard buttons and pads. This set includes all your Buttons, Triggers and D-Pad in Chrome Gold and lovely clear thumbsticks.

PS4 Cusomt Controller Button Set - Chrome Gold

Have a look at all of our Custom PS4 Controller Button Sets here and if you have any questions just get in touch!

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