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New Carbon Fiber Style XBox One Controller Shell!

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One of our crispier looking controller shells in recent years was our  XBox 360 Carbon Fiber style Shell.  Well we're very pleased that we have now got this design for the XBox One! And dare we say we like it sliiiiiightly more than the 360 version?  Maybe, but that's maybe because it's new and we like our new toys :)

Xbox One Carbon Fiber Controller Shell

This shell has the Carbon Fiber Design all over the Front and Back, Battery Case, D-Pad, Triggers and shoulder buttons and is offset with lovely plain black buttons and thumbsticks.

XBox One Carbon Fiber Controller Shell Back

As you can see it's very futuristic and looks really good and crisp under the lights.  As always any controller shell you get from us will include our free e-book giving you step by step instructions on how to take apart you current XBox One Controller and fit your great looking new custom controller shell!

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