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Microsoft Announce Special Edition Blue XBox 360 Bundle

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Microsoft have announced a Special Limited Edition XBox 360 Blue Bundle which includes a blue 500 GB Xbox 360, a matching controller with arctic blue trims, 1 month Xbox live, Call of Duty Black Ops II and Call of Duty Ghosts.

While we obviously love our Call of Duty Ghosts Controller Shell the matching blue console and controller do look pretty slick, plus it's nice to know Microsoft aren't flushing the 360 down the toilet quite yet now the XBox One is around.  They are also releasing an identical bundle but with black XBox 360 and control pad which is nice but if you're getting a new 360 at this late stage why not get a nice blue one? :)

A statement from MS says "XBox 360 continues to be an important piece of the XBox portfolio and still offers amazing games and entertainment experiences to fans. We're pleased to bring more offerings and price points for fans this holiday."

While it's only announced for release to the US market on October 7th at the moment we'll keep our eyes and ears open and if we can get hold of any controllers or shells we'll let you know! Microsoft has said many of their bundles will be available outside of the US so we're hopeful!

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