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Guide to fitting your own Custom Xbox One Controller Shell

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Welcome to the amazing Control Blast Guide to Replacing your Xbox One Controller Shell. Replacing the shell on your Xbox One Controller can be tricky so we've got step by step instructions with lots of picture to help you through it. As always be firm but don't force anything as you'll probably break it :)

To replace your shell you'll a T8 Security Screwdriver and a T6 Screwdriver

Please note the details in this guide are for information only and we cannot be held responsible for any breakages or damage caused to your controller once you start to take it apart. Taking your controller apart will void it's warranty so if you're not covered if it breaks!

(These instructions are specifically for Xbox One Controllers that do not have the 3.5 mm audio jack on the bottom. There are some slight differences with other versions of the Xbox One Controller but generally these instructions will see you through whatever controller you have. The pictures might not exactly match your controller but should see you through the main sections. If you're just replacing your buttons or thumbsticks this guide will be fine too, just follow it through and you'll get to the bits you need to replace those parts)

So let's fit this shell!

Taking your Xbox One Controller Apart

First you need to pry off the 2 ouside edges of the controller handles.

Use a flat head screwdriver or something else that's flat to pop off the top part (nearest the trigger).

Although we've used some metal tools in the pictures we are super careful and nimble like Batfink, using plastic tools will mean you have much less chance of damaging your controller.

You might find you can either get it off with your nails from this point.

If not then use a flat head screwdriver or similar to pop the clips off, there are 4 clip and the position of each one is highlighted in green.

Important: Be careful! It's very easy to scratch the outside of your case so take care when removing this part of the shell.

There are 5 screws you need to take out with your T8 Security Screwdriver and they are highlighted in green.

Remove your battery case and you'll see a sticker that's hiding 1 of the screws.

You can either peel the sticker off or if it's stuck fast you can push your screwdriver through it to reveal the screw.

Once the screws are removed the back will come off to reveal the circuit.

You'll also be able to remove the front part of the shell.

If you are just replacing the front shell then all you need to do is put your new shell in place and then screw it back together again and you are done!

If you have more bits to replace then keep reading

This part is totally optional but sometimes when replacing parts the rumble motors get in the way and keep slipping out of the holders.

We put some magic tape over them temporarily to keep them in place.

The rumble motors are well fitted so might not cause you any bother but we sometimes do it if it's a Monday morning and the world is collapsing.

Removing the thumbs, buttons and d-pad

Flip the controller over so the front is facing you.

You'll find the thumbsticks come off pretty easily.

There is a metal ring clipped over the D-Pad to keep it in place.

Just lever the top carefully away from the clips that are holding it in.

 It will then come away from the controller and you can remove the D-Pad.

Removing the LB and RB buttons requires gently levering the buttons over the pegs that are holding it.

There is a peg on either side but getting the button over the front side peg should men it comes off pretty easily

The section that covers the sync button is secured with 2 pegs at the front which are circled in green.

When levering these off press the guide button down which will make it much easier to remove this section when lifting it up and away from the controller.

The sync button in the Xbox one controller is a bit more friendly that it was in the 360 controllers!

Simply slide it out by pulling it towards the front of the controller.

Each trigger is secured by 2 screws which are highlighted in green.

Remove these and the trigger will come off.

Once the trigger is removed the trigger rumble motors will be exposed and might fall out.

You can secure these with tape temporarily if you like but they are light so shouldn't cause you any trouble.

Next it's time to take the circuit out so you can get to your buttons.

 Arm yourself with your T6 screwdriver and unscrew all of the screws circled in purple.

Once these screws are removed you can take off the top part of the circuit. 

This is held in to the bottom part by the 2 plugs highlighted in red. These can be gently but firmly pulled apart.

Then you can remove the lower part of the circuit by unscrewing the 3 screws highlighted in green.

Remove the rubber pad and you'll be able to remove all of your buttons including the guide and Start/Back buttons.

Time to put all of your new buttons in!

The B button is the easiest to find as it's the biggest one there but all the buttons will only fit one way in the holes they are designed for so you can't really get this bit wrong.

Fitting your new shell

Once all of your buttons are in replace the rubber pad and put the circuit board back in place.

Before you start screwing anything back together gently pick up your controller, being careful not to let the circuit board slip off, and just make sure all of your buttons are OK.

The shallow buttons especially can shift out of place quite easily so it's good to check this and rectify any problems before putting it back together!

Once you are happy put your T6 screws back in the highlighted holes.

To replace your triggers line up the screw holes and then while you are tightening the screws squeeze the trigger and the holder together.

 This will make sure the trigger takes correctly

Slide your new sync button in which will feel like a pleasure for anyone who modded their 360 controller in the past :)

Slide your sync section over the top.

It might help again if you press the sync button in first to help the section slip over the top.

 Push it down and clip the holes over the pegs.

When putting on the LB and RB buttons slide the arm of the button behind the sync section you have just put on.

You might need to twist it slightly at first to get it in but once there it'll slide down easily and fit into place

Clip the hole over the peg and the arm should be resting nicely against the button.

When putting your D-Pad on make sure the section with the smallest piece of protruding plastic is on the bottom

Place the metal ring over the top and clip the 2 prongs back into place so it's secure.

It's now a good time to also put your thumbsticks on.

Nearly there!

Put your front shell on and then put the back shell on. 

When lining up the back shell there are a couple of things to remember:

Line up the metal battery prongs so they poke through the corect side of the battery case.

While pushing the back shell completely into place push the triggers down slightly.

If you don't the triggers can get caught on the shell meaning you can't press them down.

Now put your T8 screws back into the highlighted holes and tighten them up.

Important: When tightening the screws press the front and back shells together so thes screw takes correctly and everything is fixed together

Once you are done pop the sides back on and you're ready to play with your brand new shiny controller!

And it's that easy!

We hope we've given you the beans to try customising your controller! If you think you might want to have a go then take a look at our great range of Xbox One Controller Shells here.

Or if you've not got the time or inclination then you can just turn to us to do all the hard bits for you :) We've got an amazing selection of Custom Xbox One Controllers right here!

If you have any questions or comments at all just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.

This guide and photos have been produced by us at Control Blast. We'd love for it to help you out but you may not copy or distribute any of the text or photos without our written permission. Please get in touch for more information.

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