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Guide to fitting your own Custom Xbox 360 Controller Shell

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Replacing your Xbox 360 controller shell with a new custom design can be fiddly and a bit frustrating if you haven't done it before. This guide should help you out, we've given a lot of detail in here so don't be daunted! 

You'll need a T8 security screwdriver and a small cross head screwdriver.

These are step by step instructions showing you how to take your existing controller apart and replace the shell and buttons with a brand new one. Try not to get frustrated and remember to always be gentle yet firm with your controller!

We are always here at Control Blast to help out so if you get stuck get in touch and we'll do everything we can to help.

Please note the details in this guide are for information only and we cannot be held responsible for any breakages or damage caused to your controller once you start to take it apart. Taking your controller apart will void it's warranty so if you're not covered if it breaks!

( If you are replacing your buttons/trims and not your entire shell just follow these instructions through. The steps still apply, you're just not replacing your old shell with a new one.)

Right, onto getting your shell fitted!

Taking your controller apart

There are 7 screws you will need to undo to open up your controller.

6 are around the outside and to get to the last you'll need to take out the battery pack.

It's near the bottom and you might need to remove the sticker so you can see it.

Slide the 2 rumble motors out and this should let you bring the whole circuit board out of the shell.

The thumbsticks are attached to the circuit board so you might need to wiggle them a bit to get them to go through the holes but the circuit board should come out fairly easily.

Remove the rubber pads to expose all of your buttons and D-pad.

At this point you can remove the bottom bumper, the LB and RB bumper and all of the buttons which should all just slide out.

Your D-Pad is screwed in so with the buttons removed undo the screws and remove the D-Pad.

You might need to unclip the pad from the plastic disc, you can do this by gently pushing the clip with your screwdriver. 

The clips are highlighted in green. (Some D-Pads do not have this clip and just screw in)

Fitting your new shell

Take the front of your new shell and put the plastic D-pad holder disc into the back of the controller (there is only 1 way it will fit snugly).

Push in your new D-Pad from the front.

Screw it into place with the 2 screws you took out earlier.
Make sure you screw it in gently but firmly and make sure the screws are tight. Any looseness might make the D-Pad wobbly. This is exactly the reverse of the above step.

Next fit your lower bumper which should fit on just as the old one came off. 

Line up the holes and gently push it into place. 

Make sure your wireless sync button is in place on your LB/RB bumper by sliding the hole over the peg (highlighted in green).

Then push it into place with your screwdriver in the highlighted red area. 

This can be a bit fiddly! 

Once done put the LB and RB bumper into place.

(Make sure the LB/RB bumper is the right way round! As you look at it from the perspective of the photographs LB will be on your right and RB will be on your left)

Note: If you are replacing the LB/RB trim in your existing shell the holes may need making bigger to fit the pegs, depending on the exact shell you have. Carefully use a knife or file to make the holes slightly bigger if you are having problems fitting it.

Your Guide, Start, Select and ABXY buttons will only fit into their correct holes the right way round so line them up and drop them in.
If you find the buttons stiff make sure there is no dirt or small bits of plastic in the way.

Put on the rubber pads that cover your D-Pad and buttons. 

The D-Pad rubber has a small hole that you slide over a peg to make sure it is in place.

This part of the shell is now ready to have the circuit board put back in into place which we'll do in a minute...first:

Removing your thumb sticks and triggers

To remove your thumb sticks gently but firmly pull them away from the circuit board.

Each one will slide off if you apply firm yet gentle pulling.

To remove your triggers gently push each trigger peg towards the middle of the circuit board while pushing the arm holding it towards the outside.

This will let you unhook the trigger so it is no longer attached to the arm.

Next lever both sides of the plastic holding the trigger outwards and push the trigger upwards.

This will let you remove the spring. 

Move the trigger in the direction of the edge of the circuit board, gently twist it in this direction and the trigger will come off.

Adding your new Triggers and Thumbs

To put your new triggers on line the holes up with the white pegs and then gently turn the trigger in the direction of the centre of the circuit board.

Put your spring over the plastic peg on the circuit board first then gently bend it away from you while pulling the trigger towards you.

You are aiming to put the spring over the round peg inside the trigger.

Push the trigger downwards, moving the 2 plastic arms aside slightly so it can pop through.

Once it's down make sure the trigger spring is working, it should provide resistance and spring back up when you press the trigger down.

Move the plastic arm towards the outside of the circuit and the trigger peg towards the middle of the pad, you should be able to slide the peg into the slot on the arm.

You might find it easier to do if you carefully slide your screwdriver underneath the plastic arm to support it.

Next pop your thumbsticks onto the front of the circuit board. The holes are nearly rectangular so line them up with the pegs and push them on firmly but gently. With firm but gentle force they should slide on.

Putting your new controller together!

Hold the circuit over the shell, slide the rumble motors in then squarely put the circuit board into place.

Make sure the sync button is all the way through the hole else it might stop you pressing the circuit board all the way in

The thumbsticks might get in the way here and stop you slotting your circuit all the way in.

Give it the ol' reach around and put your fingers around the front. Waggle the thumbsticks so they fit through the holes and gently push your circuit into place with your thumbs.

Once the circuit is all in place get the back of the shell and pop it on.

Slide the battery coils into place 1st (they will slide into the bottom of the battery section)

Press both trigger buttons down to let the shell slide over the top of them.

Push the back shell into place so it's snugly attached.

All that remains to do is to screw the screws into the back of the shell (don't forget the one in the battery case!) 

Congratulations! You have a lovely new looking controller! 

And it's that easy :) it might look tough at first but take it slowly and each stage at a time and it's really not that hard if you give it some love and patience.

Ready to customise?

I hope we've inspired you to customise your own controller! If we have then feel free to take a look at our awesome Xbox 360 controller shells here

Of course we could do all the hard work for you and you could get a ready made custom Xbox 360 Controller here!

Do you have any comments or questions?  Let us know as we'd love to help!

This guide and photos have been produced by us at Control Blast. We'd love for it to help you out but you may not copy or distribute any of the text or photos without our written permission. Please get in touch for more information.

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