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Guide to fitting your own Custom PS4 Controller Shell

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This is the Control Blast Super Guide to Replacing your PS4 Controller Shell.  Replacing your shell can be tricky if you've not done it before so we've got step by step instructions with lots of picture to help you through it. As always be firm but don't force anything as you'll probably break it :)

To replace your shell you'll need a small cross head screwdriver.

Please note the details in this guide are for information only and we cannot be held responsible for any breakages or damage caused to your controller once you start to take it apart. Taking your controller apart will void it's warranty so if you're not covered if it breaks!

(These instructions are specifically for Dualshock 4 controllers where charging port is fixed in with 2 screws...you'll read all about that later... there are some slight differences with other versions of the Dualshock 4 but generally these instructions will see you through whatever version you have, there will be slight differences though so all the pictures might not exactly match your controller.  If you're just replacing your buttons or thumbsticks this guide will be fine too, just follow it through and you'll get to the bits you need to replace those parts)

OK let's get this shell fitted :)

Taking your controller apart

You need a small phillips head screwdriver to take your shell apart, that includes inside too which makes it easier to play with than those shells that need security screwdrivers!

There are 4 screws on the back of your controller that need to be taken out and they are circled in green.

The shell is fairly tightly held on by plastic clips around the inside like the one shown opposite, you need to lever these open to get your shells apart.

The easiest place to start is on the handles, squeeze the upper part of each handle as shown and this will begin to bring it away from the other shell

Once these are loose work your way around the rest of the shell unclipping as you go. This part can be tricky as the front and back shell can be held together very tightly.

Never wrench the 2 shells apart as you'll end up snapping something!

Once the shells are apart don't tug them as they are still attached with cable.

Carefully remove the cable from the plug on the circuit board as shown. As always be firm yet gentle and it should come away quite easily.

The 2 shell halves can now be separated from each other.

The back half of the controller

Take out the screws highlighted in green at the top of the shell.

You'll then be able to remove the long black and white sections plastic sections

The clear plastic section can then be pulled away from the controller and put to one side. Try and take the sticky pads with you if you can as it'll help when attaching it to your new shell later.

You can then pop off the plastic section in the top of the controller just by pulling it towards you

Next remove the charging port by undoing the 2 screws as shown in red, this will then come away from the back shell.

And that's the back part of the shell done!

The Front of the Controller

First unplug the battery from the circuit.

This can be rammed in there quite tightly so be patient with it as it will come out with enough (careful) wiggling!

(You don't necessarily have to remove the battery cable, you can leave it in and just move the battery aside for the next step.  Be wary of it swinging around by it's wires though)

There's another screw here that needs to be removed circled in red. Once it's out the be careful as the circuit is still attached with a cable so don't tug it apart just yet!

At the top right hand corner, near where the RESET is on the circuit is the cable that is attached to the touch pad. It can be carefully lifted out of the plug.

It can be sometimes easier to slide something blunt like a screwdriver under the wire and lift it out, do it carefully though! If you can just lift the cable out with the plastic tab.

You can now move the circuit section away from the front shell.

Just a quick warning - The the circuit is connected to the plastic section by the rumble motor wires so be very careful as these can easily be pulled out.

Remove the touch pad by pulling it from the outside towards you and it will unhook itself and come free.

All of your buttons and D-Pad are held in place by rubber pads.

Peel these off and then your buttons and D-Pad can easily be removed.

To take your L2/R2 Trigger off just gently push it upwards from behind and it will unhook itself.

This leaves you L1/R1. These can be removed by gently pulling and wiggling the button straight up.

To put your triggers and buttons back on just do the opposite, push your L1/R1 straight down first then fit your L2/R2 by pushing the pegs into place where you unhooked them.

Now the fun bit :)

Fitting the front of your new shell

(Of course if you are just replacing your buttons this is where you put your new buttons in, just follow the rest of the guide through to put it all back together)

Put your buttons in (there is only 1 way round they will fit so you can't really get this bit wrong!) and then put the rubber pad back on.

There are some tiny holes in the pad, circled in red, that fit over pegs in the controller so push these on securely.

Do the same for your D-Pad and Guide Button.

Don't forget to put in your Share and Options buttons too. These will also only fit one way round so you can't get it wrong.

To put on the touch pad hook it over the top of your shell and it will swing into place.

Marked in green in the picture - make sure your cable goes under the plastic bar the touch pad is hooked onto!

If you are replacing your thumb sticks do this now.  Just pop your old thumbs off of the circuit and replace them by sliding your new thumbs on.

To get the circuit back on the easiest way is to separate the circuit from the plastic section it is attached to by flipping it back (watch those wires!)

Slot in the pegs (circled green).

Once this is done gently flip the circuit forwards and it will all slot into place.

Slot your touch pad cable into the circuit board nice and firmly.

 As always be careful when you do this but do make sure the cable is all the way in and secure.

Now you can screw the circuit board back in using the single screw you took out earlier

You can now plug your battery back in too if you took it out earlier.

If a button like this fell off while you were putting in your new shell or buttons and are wondering what it is don't panic, that had us going for a while once too!

It's actually the reset button for the controller and it can be easily slipped back into position (which is to the top right of the battery, right where it says RESET on the circuit.

Fitting the back of your new shell

Put on the charging port by fitting the holes over the pegs and then screwing in the same screws from earlier.

The plastic section that fits in the top of the controller can be put back in.

Next fit the clear plastic section onto its pegs, circled in red.

If they are still attached press the sticky pads down to keep it in place.

Now fit the long thin plastic sections you took off earlier.

 Slide the white section over the pegs first with the rectangle holes facing upwards, the put the black piece on top of it.

Screw it in to secure it all.

Now you can plug the cable coming from the charging port on the back half of the shell into the plug on the circuit board.

Putting both shell halves together

The easiest way to put both shell halves back together is to put the top half of the shell over the triggers as in the picture first.

Then push the back shell down and slide the handles over the screw pegs to slot it into place.

Once that is done go around the shell clipping in each of the clips until the shell is snugly together.

All there is do to next is to screw in the 4 screws you took out earlier in the back.

Now all that's left to do is to have lots of fun playing with your shiny new controller!

Ready to take the plunge? :)

We hope we've inspired you to customise your own controller!  It's amazing fun playing with a cool looking controller and if you think you might have the bug take a look at some of our awesome PS4 Controller Shells here

Or you could sit back and let us do all of the hard work for you!  Have a look at these ready made amazing range of Custom PS4 Controllers

If you have any questions or comments at all just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.

This guide and photos have been produced by us at Control Blast. We'd love for it to help you out but you may not copy or distribute any of the text or photos without our written permission. Please get in touch for more information.

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