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Glow in the Dark Xbox 360 Button Sets on Sale!

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Following on from our brand new Chrome Button Sets we have now got our hands on some awesome Xbox 360 Controller glow in the dark button sets!  Why should your controller look good only when the lights are on? With these sets once the lights are off your buttons, thumbsticks, d-pad, trims and triggers all glow a spooky green!

These are a great addition to your controller especially if you don't fancy a Chrome finish but want to give your controller a unique update.  When the lights are on the button set looks more like a clear plastic set with a tinge of green which is another effect we think looks great.

As always each purchase of a button set comes complete with a free download of our e-book which gives you step by step guide instructions on taking your controller apart and fitting your new buttons. Click here for more information on this great new button set!

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