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Fixing your Dualshock 4 Touch Pad

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Ahhh the PS4 Controller Touch Pad, innovative input device or pointless rectangle of plastic?  If you've been playing with your controller, throwing it across the room or just shaking it violently you might find one day that your Touch Pad has stopped working properly and if you've noticed that then odds are you someone who actually uses it.

There are 2 separate functions that big rectangle of joy performs. 1 is tracing your finger movements and replicating that on screen and the other is a button press for when you push it in.  

It's possible for 1 function to break and for the other to work fine and today we're going to quickly look at how to check the touch pad function before you go out and buy a brand new controller.

What you need

To take your controller apart you'll need a small cross head screwdriver, something flat and made of plastic for prying the controller open and some strong tweezers or grippy things for the touch pad itself. 

Get your Jedi mind in a good place, the last thing you want to do is break anything by forcing it open, be gentle yet firm and your controller will be putty in your hands rather than an expensive bit of broken plastic.

Please Note: The information in given on this page, and on the entire site,  is intended to show you how we took apart one of our controllers. If you choose to replicate these steps you do so at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your controller. 

Dismantling your controller voids it's warranty so if you're not covered if you break it!

Right then let's get this thing open!

Taking your Dualshock 4 apart

There are 4 screws holding your PS4 controller together which are circled in green.

Carefully take these out and place them to one side...preferably one where you can find them again!

Flip your controller over and squeeze the upper part of the handles, the first is under the D-Pad and the other is below the buttons.

Squeeze and gently pull towards you and the front of the shell will start to come away.  Don't wrench it apart as you'll snap something with your Hulk like grip.
Once you've popped the handles up work around the edge of the controller with your flat plastic tool and lever the 2 halves of the shell apart from each other

There are various clips holding it together and gently levering your shell apart will make it come apart much easier. 

Once you're worked your way around the shell gently pull it apart and the 2 halves should separate.

Don't tug it though as there is a cable attached to a circuit board that needs to be removed before the back is completely detached:

Inside your Controller

And here it is!

Gently pull this cable out and you'll then be able to put the back half of the shell to one side as we're just working on the front.
the cable to the top right of the circuit board, just above the battery, is likely to be the one causing you problems if your touch pad has stopped enjoying being stroked by your lovely gaming fingers.

If you've been taking your controller apart to change anything or just sent it rocketing across the room (like after someone beats you in an RE-7B during a Banshee only premium race) then this cable might have become dislodged.

The best thing to do here is to remove it rather than fiddling with it where it is. There will be a coloured tab on the cable that's usually blue or orange, you can use your tweezers or grippy fingers to grab this and pull the cable straight up at out.
At this point there's no harm in giving the plug and cable a magic blow.  It'll remove and dust and grime that might have got trapped and might just help solve your touch pad woes.

There's literally no problem that can't be solved with a magic blow.

Now you want to put the cable back in.  Make sure its dead straight and push it carefully back in using the plastic tab.  This can be a bit tricky and if you're using tweezers or something pointy be careful here that you don't slip when pushing the cable down.

Puncturing the cable at this point will break your touch pad properly and to the point that even blowing on it might not be a viable fix.
Time to put it all back together and admire your handiwork. 

Make sure you plug the light bar cable back in that you unplugged earlier.  Again make sure it's straight and then push it gently it.  

If you've got it right it'll slide in and feel satisfying. If it's wrong it'll bend and buckle. Take it out and try again.

Pop your shell back together, put the 4 screws back in and you're done, get out there and use the Hell out of that Touch Pad!

Are you in the market for a new PS4 Controller? Well we do those as well as write fabulous guides for fixing your touch pad :)  We do an amazing range of  Custom PS4 Dualshock Controllers and we've love for you to take a look at them here! We build them all with our own fair hands and we guarantee you'll get a brand new controller that you absolutely love and if you're in the UK we'll even post it out to you for free.  You're welcome!

And if you have any comments or questions just contact us and we'll be happy to have a little chat!

This guide and photos have been produced by us at Control Blast. We'd love for it to help you out but you may not copy or distribute any of the text or photos without our written permission. Please get in touch for more information.

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