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Even more custom game controllers for PS4 released!

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We're loving our custom Dualshock 4 controllers right now and we're having so much fun with them we've released a bunch more!  Each of our custom controllers is built right here at Control Blast HQ and goes through a full range of tests before it's ready to be sold. 

We love making them and we think this is the only place you need to come for your custom game controllers for PS4.

First up lets take a look at our Polished Red Design. This controller has a polished red front and has matching red buttons (including the Options, Share & Guide) and also a matching D-pad:

Polished Red Custom PS4 Controller

Complimented by a black Touch Pad, Rear Shell and Thumb Sticks this is a bit of a classic design and one we think you'll really enjoy.  Have a look here for more pictures and details!

A design everyone has always liked is our 100 Dollar Bill shell. It's a popular look across all of our controller shell ranges and we have to say it looks pretty good on the PS4! 

Covered in Benjamin Franklin's this isn't a superhero controller (unless your superhero is the almighty dollar) and celebrates cold hard cash.

100 Dollar Custom PS4 Controller

It comes with the original PS4 buttons and thumbs (though if you want something different give us a shout, we can customise most things for you!) and we have to say the pictures probably don't do the design justice.  

With green 100 Dollar marks and markings on every 100 dollar bill we love how different this controller is and how it stand out!  Have a click here for more info and pics!

And we really couldn't go long without talking about skulls could we ;)  So here we go, tucked in at the end, a very cool looking Red Skulls design

Covered in a Red Skull design that's a bit more realistic looking than some of our other shells this is a bloody looking skully design and is quickly becoming one of our top controllers.

Red Skull PS4 Custom Controller

Red always looks good with black so we've got a black rear shell with black thumbs and buttons with this one and we think this controller is pretty damn good, and there's a lot of competition to be the best skull related controller at Control Blast so it can't be bad! 

More pictures of this controller and more info can be found here and if you want to take a look at our full range of custom game controllers for PS4 then have a look here!

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