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Dragon Scales - This could be our best custom Xbox One Controller!

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Over the coming weeks we're going to be releasing more and more custom controllers for you and we have 2 very special gamepads for you today, one of which could be our best custom Xbox One Controller.

It's one we really love and it's our  Red Dragon Scale Controller. We like skulls and blood on our controllers round here but how do you get lots of skulls and blood in a room? Put a dragon in it!

Red Dragon Scales Xbox One Custom Controller

Until we get a Trogdor style controller then this will be our best Dragon controller for a while :)  Red and black Dragon Scales cover the front of it and this design is complimented by black trims, thumbs and buttons.  It's a proud looking controller and one that is being hotly tipped to be our best one yet!

Or is this our best custom Xbox One Controller?

So what if you fancy something a bit less...dragonny? Less dragonny and more....woody? Then you might like this a bit more:

Wood Grain Xbox One Custom Wireless Controller

This is our  Wood Grain Controller and it's a classic design we've always liked round here.  Looking like it's been chipped straight off a mighty oak this controller is elegant and stylish in it's design.  

It comes with black thumbs, buttons and trims and would look right at home in any apartment that smells of rich mahogany.  Click here for more pictures and info for this controller!

A lot of love goes into our controllers

Every one of our custom controllers is carefully made by one of our expert technicians at here Control Blast in the UK.  We use Official Microsoft Xbox One controllers and modify them to create the amazing controllers you see here.

Each controller goes through a huge range of tests before we even think about sending it to you. 

We check

  • Each button is functioning
  • All thumb sticks ranges are correct
  • Triggers, Shoulders and D-Pad are working
  • The rumble motors are a rumbling
  • Controller syncs correctly

No controller leaves Control Blast Towers unless we are 100% happy with it and we'd be happy use it ourselves to game with.

Have a look at  all of them here and we're sure that after a quick browse we're sure you will find one that you can say is the best custom Xbox One Controller.

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