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Dragon Scale XBox 360 Controller Shell in stock!

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Our newest XBox 360 Controller Shell has just gone on sale and it's one of our new favourites as it's Red and Black Dragon scales!

Ever since the days of Tiamat in Dungeons and Dragons we've loved dragons (and anyone who can scare Venger) and this Red and Black scaled shell reminds us of happy times following the adventures of Hank, Bobby, Presto, Eric, Diana, Sheila and the incredibly annoying Uni.

This Hydro Dipped controller shell comes with black buttons & thumbsticks and scaled D-Pad, Triggers and Trims.  As with all of our shells you'll also get our FREE step by step installation guide which will take you through exactly how to dismantle your controller and fit this fantastic looking new shell. Installation is pretty easy, especially if you have some patience, cavalier!

Click here for more details of our Dragon Scale shell, and click here to take a look at our other fantastic XBox 360 Controller Shells!

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