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Custom Xbox One Controllers from the UK

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One comment we get a lot from our customers is that they are much happier buying closer to home than they are sending money overseas. It's true that, especially where electronics are concerned, we think it's much easier and there is more peace of mind buying your Custom Xbox One Controllers from the UK.

Our custom controllers are all built and sent from us right here at Control Blast in the UK. One of our technicians right here will build your controller to order and we'll send it out to you at no extra cost (if you're in the UK) with a full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied. Peace of mind from start to finish :)

Why buy your Custom Xbox One Controllers from the UK?

When you buy from another country you are hoping:

  • The product even gets sent
  • it then gets through an International mailing system
  • it makes through customs in one piece to your door!
  • it works.....

Because if any of those steps fail how much hassle it is to chase it up, get refunds, send it back if it's faulty...a massive headache!

When you buy your controller from us we guarantee to send it to you within 1 working day and it'll be a Royal Mail Signed For delivery so we know it's got to you safely.  

Your controller will be fully tested and checked by us before it's sent out and we're always on the other end of an email if you have any problems at all.


So with that in mind here are a couple of our amazing  Custom Xbox One Controllers!

Our  Sticker Bomb Mania Controller is one of our most colourful controllers yet and you can see why in the picture below!  It's covered in random pictures of flames, skulls, logos, banners...just like it survived an explosion in a sticker factory!

Sticker Bomb Xbox One Controller Front Side Sticker Bomb Xbox One Controller Front

This fun looking controller will really stand out from the rest and is a great way to give your gaming setup a unique look. Each  Sticker Bomb Controller is a unique design as the sticker effect is random so no 2 look the same!  

You still get the same style of pictures and design but the layout will be special to your controller!

How about a more futuristic looking controller?

Carbon fiber has been used in everything from space travel to Formula 1 to making those amazing bikes that won us all those medals in the Olympics :)  

This controller looks like it's come straight out of the NASA design teams secret designs room as it has the futuristic Carbon Fiber look expertly hydro dipped onto it:

Xbox One Carbon Fiber Custom Controller Front Xbox One Custom Carbon Fiber Controller Top

The Carbon Fiber Controller comes with black thumb sticks, buttons, D-Pad, Shoulder Buttons and Trims that really make the pattern on the front stand out and blend in with the rest of the controller.  

We think this is one of our smartest looking controllers and love the way this one looks.

If you like the look of these controllers how about taking a look at all of our custom controller designs for the Xbox One. We have lots of different styles and you'll surely find one that suits your tastes and unique gaming style! 

We're sure you'll love our controllers, our service and agree why people come to us at Control Blast for their Custom Xbox One Controllers from the UK.

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