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Custom PS4 Controllers available now!

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So if you don't fancy taking your beloved Dualshock 4 apart to fit one of our  fancy shells what is the easiest way to get a fully functional Customised PS4 controller?  Have us build it for you of course!

That way you can have one of our great Custom PS4 Controllers without any hassle and any risk of ripping yours to pieces!

Iron Man PS4 Custom Controller

Each of our controllers is lovingly put together by one of our Control Blast Technicians and then put through a whole range of tests to make sure it's working perfectly before it gets shipped out. 

With FREE Signed For delivery in the UK (and good rates to Europe!) we'll do whatever we can to make sure your controller gets to you as quickly and easily as possible.

Dualshock 4 Tests

  • Check every button works, sends the correct signal and doesn't stick
  • Rumble motors respond
  • Range of both thumb sticks is complete
  • D-Pad moves freely and functioning in all directions
  • Triggers respond and move freely
  • Controller Syncs

Red Zombies PS4 Custom Controller

We'll be adding many more designs in the coming weeks.  Some will feature ours great looking shells like our Red Zombies above and others will feature great new shells and buttons like our amazing Iron Man Controller

Some will even feature our cool button sets like Chrome Gold and Polished Red:

Dualshock 4 Controller with Polished Red Buttons

Is there a design you want that isn't yet featured in our custom controller section? Let us know and we'll try and build it for you!  

So grab yourself one of our amazing Custom PS4 Controllers today and get gaming in style!

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