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Custom Built Xbox One Controllers in stock!

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So you want a cool, unique looking Xbox One controller but don't have the time or courage to buy a kit, rip your controller apart and hope it all works when you put it back together?  

Yeah we understand, it's an expensive bit of kit to break!  So what you might need is one of our custom built Xbox One Controllers

We use official Microsoft Xbox One Controllers and modify them with our custom shells to give you some amazing looking gamepads! We're kicking off with our Zombie Blood Hand design which we think looks pretty awesome so far!

Custom Xbox One Controller Zombie Blood Hand

A lot of cheaper controllers out there use cheap, unofficial electronics which are likely to go wrong and break down easily.  Because we care about our controllers we only use official Xbox one Controllers for all the important inside bits, we think it's worth it for the quality and reliability.

Zombie Blood Hand Custom Xbox One Controller Front

We'll be adding lots of new designs in the coming weeks so keep us in mind!  Click here to see all of our custom built Xbox One Controllers!

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