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Create your own custom Xbox 360 Controller!


Would you like an Xbox 360 Call of Duty Shell with Gold Bullet Buttons and Metal Blue Thumbsticks?  Or maybe a Red Dragon Scale shell with Green chrome buttons and trims with Gold Metal Thumbsticks?  Whatever kind of custom design you can come up with you can create it here with our brand new Create Your Own Custom Controller section! 

Choose your shell, your buttons & trims and your thumbsticks to suit your own unique design and get a truly custom controller that is made by you!

You can choose to keep the original buttons, trims or thumbsticks if you like and only customise the sections you want to change, therefore totally controlling the design and making sure it's exactly as you want!

In our Create your Own Controller section you can choose from:

  • More than 15 styles of Xbox 360 Controller Shell
  • More than 10 different styles of Chrome, Matt or Bullet Buttons
  • Gold, Blue or original style thumbsticks 

So get your creative Astrolord Hood on and create your very own custom controller!

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