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Cleaning your XBox 360 controller without taking it apart

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While testing out something on one of our XBox 360 controllers I noticed it wasn't in the greatest condition and needed a
bit of TLC:

Cleaning your controller without taking it apart makes it look better while removing years of sweat, dirt and fluff built
up from being skimmed across the carpet at high speed. It can also be good for preventing any build up that can lead to
sticky buttons, thumb sticks and other internal breakages and annoyances.

This is good if you don't have the time or confidence to take your controller apart and can actually fix some of those
sticky problems if you're lucky! At the very worst it's going to make your trusty old gamepad a bit more sanitary and
could make it a bit tighter and sharper in gameplay.

Have a look at our guide to cleaning your controller and see the before and after results, we think it was worth it and should help give this old controller many more happy years of carpet skimming!

While the guide shows our working on a 360 Controller the same should apply to your PS3, PS4, XBox One and any other controllers lying around that need a bit of love and buffing.

Cleaning your controller without taking it apart

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