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Call of Duty Ghosts XBox 360 Controller Shells in Stock!

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We're really pleased our Call of Duty Ghosts shells are back in stock. These are one of our newest and most popular shells with a great design inspired by the Call of Duty game. 

The Ghosts images is on the front and back shell, Trims, D-Pad and Triggers and also comes with black thumbs sticks, Guide button and Start and Back button. It's finished off with dark ABXY buttons and we think it's the perfect addition for any fans of this FPS.

Released in November 2013 the focus is on Ghosts, a branch of US Special Ops that conduct secret missions behind enemy lines. The most fun as ever with the COD games is in multiplayer and they have included many of the games modes we know and love along with some new.

One of these is Squads (though it can also be played in single player) and has customisable characters that you take on AI opponents with AI squad mates.

Another new multiplayer game mode is Extinction which is 4 player co-op where you take on aliens and try to destroy all of their hives that are place throughout the map. You can choose from 4 different classes and as you'd expect these characters can be levelled up which will give you access to more equipment and weapons.

We think you'll agree from the pictures that this is a really good looking shell and a must have for anyone who wants to take their clandestine operations to the next level!

Click here to buy one of these great shells and for more details & pictures 

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