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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Controller

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While Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is gearing up for release on all platforms on 4th November the Advanced Warfare XBox One bundle was what caught our eye the most, mainly because it comes with it's own Custom COD controller. It looks like this is only going to available on the XBox One at the moment (so no 360 shells quite yet) and for now you have buy it along with the console and game though this will change soon and you'll be able to get hold one one either from the company or people selling theirs. (We'll of course try to get our hands on a few!)

The controller has some nice touches like a chrome gold D-Pad and feature around the thumbsticks that makes it stand out.  Plus a cheeky smiley face on the back of one of the handles. They grey buttons and thumbsticks contrast nicely with the gold highlights and we think this is a nice touch!

The back of the controller, besides the grey handles is all black which doesn't look perfect and doesn't contain any of the detail the front does..though if you're looking at the back of your controller a lot then you're not playing with it right anyway.

Overall we really like the look of this controller and the XBox One it comes with also looks pretty good though customised consoles have never excited us quite as much as controllers.

More details can be found here:


And here are a couple of trailers to get you excited about the upcoming release!

Reveal Trailer

Multiplayer Trailer

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