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Blood Spatter Custom Xbox One Controller Shell on sale now

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Following on from our Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Front Shell is a full blood covered custom Xbox One Controller Shell!  Our Scary Blood Spatter shell looks like it was in the middle of an explosion at a headshot factory and is covered in blood splatters and drops.

Xbox One blood spatter shell front

The front shell, back, shoulders, triggers and d-pad all have the blood spatter effect on them and the shell is finished off with white ABXY buttons and thumbs.   

This design in only available on Xbox One at the moment and is a great way to customise your controller for a truly unique and gory look.

Xbox One blood spatter shell parts

This bloody shell comes with comes with all the parts you can see and comes with our FREE Control Blast installation guide which shows you how to take apart your controller and fit this scary new shell.

This one doesn't just look like you've got Zombies in the house, it looks like you've got Zombies, found them and bludgeoned them with your controller just like every good Zombie hunter should.

Blood Spatter Xbox One Controller shell front side 2

This gory head smashing design is our bloodiest one to date and is one custom Xbox One Controller Shell we know you'll want to get your sticky bloody hands on!

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