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New Green and Blue Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller Silicone Skin!

We love our XBox 360 Controller Skins.  Not only are they cheap but they give any controller a brand new look, a brand new feel and give it a bit of protection from that hazards of being a games controller.  Those hazards might be sticky, pizza coated fingers, scratches from when it gets 'dropped', dust and [...]

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Xbox One Controller Skins now for Sale!

One of our cheapest and most popular ways of updating your controller is buying one of our great silicone skins.  We have them for your XBox 360, PS4 and now we have them for your XBox One Controller.We have 2 great new designs for the Xbox One: the first is our Fantasy Green and the second is our Fantasy Blue [...]

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Glow in the Dark Xbox 360 Button Sets on Sale!

Following on from our brand new Chrome Button Sets we have now got our hands on some awesome Xbox 360 Controller glow in the dark button sets!  Why should your controller look good only when the lights are on? With these sets once the lights are off your buttons, thumbsticks, d-pad, trims and triggers all glow a [...]

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New Xbox 360 Controller Chrome Button Sets!

We've just added some more exciting products to our range that we'll be telling you about over the coming days and weeks, the first of which are a couple of new Chrome Button Sets for your XBox 360 Controller.To go along with our Gold, Silver, Purple and Blue Chrome Button sets we now also have a great new Red and Green [...]

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Dragon Scale XBox 360 Controller Shell in stock!

Our newest XBox 360 Controller Shell has just gone on sale and it's one of our new favourites as it's Red and Black Dragon scales!Ever since the days of Tiamat in Dungeons and Dragons we've loved dragons (and anyone who can scare Venger) and this Red and Black scaled shell reminds us of happy times following [...]

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Our New Xbox 360 Controller Thumbsticks and D-Pads

We're very pleased to show off our latest Thumbstick and D-Pad sets! Here we have cheap thumbstick replacements and more exclusive aluminium sticks to really give your controller a great new look.If you're looking to replace your standard worn out thumbsticks because many hours of driving, shooting, flying and peggling have taken their toll then our black [...]

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Our New Sale Section

We pride ourselves on selling top quality shells, skins and button sets and would only sell something to you that we'd be happy to receive and use ourselves. Because of this insistence on high quality sometimes some of the products don't quite come up to our high standards. Usually there is nothing physically [...]

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Some of our favourite games theme tunes by fans

Video games theme tunes go a long way to defining the game and the experience you have while playing them.  They have developed hugely over the years and some theme tunes have become classics in their own right inspiring hundreds of gamers to reproduce them.  From people sitting at home playing on their guitars to [...]

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Call of Duty Ghosts XBox 360 Controller Shells in Stock!

We're really pleased our Call of Duty Ghosts shells are back in stock. These are one of our newest and most popular shells with a great design inspired by the Call of Duty game.  The Ghosts images is on the front and back shell, Trims, D-Pad and Triggers and also comes with black thumbs sticks, [...]

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Cleaning your XBox 360 controller without taking it apart

While testing out something on one of our XBox 360 controllers I noticed it wasn't in the greatest condition and needed a bit of TLC: Cleaning your controller without taking it apart makes it look better while removing years of sweat, dirt and fluff built up from being skimmed across the carpet at high speed. It can [...]

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