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Take a look at our new XBox One Faceplates!

If you don't have the time or inclination to replace your whole XBox One controller shell or don't feel the need to replace the buttons and thumb sticks then our new front shells might be just what you are looking for!Our new Front Shells come in just one piece and replace the front shell of your [...]

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Controller

While Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is gearing up for release on all platforms on 4th November the Advanced Warfare XBox One bundle was what caught our eye the most, mainly because it comes with it's own Custom COD controller. It looks like this is only going to available on the XBox One at the [...]

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XBOX One Shells now available!

The how-to guide is written, the pictures have been taken and very few tantrums have been thrown (honest)...this can only mean we have brand new shells for sale!We're happy to tell you that on sale as of right now are our great new XBox One Controller Shells. We have 2 new designs at the moment and [...]

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New Range of Xbox One Protective Cases Now Available!

Protecting your XBox One Controller with one of our great skins is a fantastic way of protecting your controller.  However, what if you have just installed a fancy new shell, don't want to cover it up with silicone but still want it protected?  Then you need one of our great new protective cases!Made from lightweight materials with [...]

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Refurbished XBox 360 Controllers now available

We love our controller shells at Control Blast but we're well aware that sometimes you don't have time to fit them yourself or don't want to risk opening up your own controller. That's why we're now offering some of our controller shells already fitted and ready to go!  The circuits, rumble motors etc from a [...]

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New XBox 360 Camouflage Controller Skin on Sale!

We love our controller skins here at Control Blast.  They are cheap, easy to fit, protect your controller from dirt, liquids, bumps, scratches and prangs and they give your controller a brand new look in the quickest time possible. Combined with this they give you extra grip which is always a good thing to have [...]

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Take a look at our new Sticker Bomb XBox 360 Controller Shell

If you're after a controller shell with a bit more colour than most then our new Sticker Bomb Xbox 360 Controller Shell might be exactly what you are looking for.  The front shell, back shell, battery case, triggers, trims and D-Pad are all covered in a random sticker style design that include skulls, flames, logos, symbols and [...]

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Mortal Kombat X Custom Controllers

Although not officially announced and still pending approval a custom control pad has been snapped at a retail expo in California by Alex Jebailey, community manager of Iron Galaxy Studios.The XBox One Controller has one analogue stick and no D-Pad which makes room for larger buttons and a more arcade layout style to the pad. The controller [...]

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Microsoft Announce Special Edition Blue XBox 360 Bundle

Microsoft have announced a Special Limited Edition XBox 360 Blue Bundle which includes a blue 500 GB Xbox 360, a matching controller with arctic blue trims, 1 month Xbox live, Call of Duty Black Ops II and Call of Duty Ghosts.While we obviously love our Call of Duty Ghosts Controller Shell the matching blue console and [...]

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Fantasy Red Camouflage XBox One Controller Skin now in stock

In our ever expanding range of XBox One controller accessories we're pleased to add our brand new Red and Black Fantasy Camouflage XBox One Controller Skin.As with all of our XBox One Controller Skins this is made of strong silicone and is built to last.  The handles are ribbed on the back to provide even more grip [...]

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