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Play your PS4 on (almost) any Android device

An unoffical Android app is out there which allows you to use your PS4's remote play feature on your smartphone.  The official PS4 Remote Play app lets you connect to your PS4 only via certain Xperia devices but people with other smartphones and tablets were left pressing their noses up against the glass wondering what [...]

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Crazy White Skulls Design now on PS4 Controllers!

Yep, we've said it many times before and we'll say it again, we love our skulls here at Control Blast!  So we're very please that our popular Crazy White Skulls design is now hydro dipped over our great PS4 Controller Shells!The design covers the entire front and back shell casing and each one comes complete with [...]

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New Carbon Fiber Style XBox One Controller Shell!

One of our crispier looking controller shells in recent years was our  XBox 360 Carbon Fiber style Shell.  Well we're very pleased that we have now got this design for the XBox One! And dare we say we like it sliiiiiightly more than the 360 version?  Maybe, but that's maybe because it's new and we like [...]

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New Red Zombie PS4 Controller Shells in Stock!

We have some great new PS4 controller shells coming up for you in the next few weeks and months, the first of which is our lovely undead Red Zombie Shell!Covered Front and Back with great zombie faces and skulls this is our most deathly PS4 Controller Shell to date!It comes with Black Buttons, D-Pad, thumbsticks and [...]

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XBox One Controller Firmware Update Coming Soon

According to Major Nelson there is currently a controller firmware update on the XBox Preview Program that fixes a few issues. Interestingly for us it fixes the slightly irritating 5ish seconds it takes to properly boot up the XBox One.  The new update should lower this to about 2 seconds which should be quick enough to [...]

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New XBox One and PS4 Shells on Sale!

We have a great new XBox One shell that's just come into Control Blast and an update of a couple of PS4 Shells which we hope you'll like!First up is our new Crazy Red Skulls Xbox One Shell.  This shell has the traditional Crazy Red Skull Pattern on it and is a great new addition to [...]

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Random Cartoon Style XBox 360 Controller now available!

Just like our XBox 360 Sticker Bomb Shell our new Cartoon style shell shell is full of colour and full of randomness!  Each shell has a random cartoon pattern on it which makes all of them very colourful and very unique. The cartoon style include skulls, faces, logos, clothing, drawings, and graffiti style paintings all over them [...]

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New Skull and Wood Grain XBox One Front Shells available!

Our XBox One Controller Faceplates are a great way to update your controller without replacing the entire shell. This means you save time replacing all the buttons and other gubbins and you save money as you are only buying one piece to replace!With that in mind here are our latest XBox One Controller Faceplates for you [...]

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PS4 Controller Shells now on sale!

It's been a while coming but we are now proud to let you know that we have some brand new PS4 Controller Shells on sale!  We have 3 great new designs and will be adding plenty more in the coming weeks and months!The designs that are on offer right now are:Call of Duty GhostsA great looking [...]

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New Dragon Scale Xbox 360 Controller Shells!

We love our Red and Black Dragon Shells lots over this way so we're very happy that we have a brand new design in stock! These are Orange/Gold and Black coloured and we think they look just as good as our other dragon scale controller shells!Here they are in all their glory: These look sliiightly friendlier than [...]

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