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Custom Built Xbox One Controllers in stock!

So you want a cool, unique looking Xbox One controller but don't have the time or courage to buy a kit, rip your controller apart and hope it all works when you put it back together?  Yeah we understand, it's an expensive bit of kit to break!  So what you might need is one of [...]

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Custom Controllers for the Xbox 360 on sale now!

If you don't want to spend the time taking apart your Xbox 360 controller to get a brand new custom design then let us do the work for you by getting one of our awesome  Custom Controllers for the Xbox 360 All of our controllers are made from brand new Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Controllers (not [...]

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Satoru Iwata

Nintendo announced earlier in the week that Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, had passed away on Saturday 11th July after a battle with cancer lasting over a year.Satoru was responsible for many things during his time as president of Nintendo including being instrumental in the development of the DS and Wii. Before that he worked at [...]

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Control Blast team up with XBOPHOENIX

We're very happy to announce we've teamed up with our friends at the XBOPHOENIX clan.  XBOPHOENIX are a mature Xbox One clan based predominantly in the UK and run Destiny Nightfalls, Weeklys, Raids and Crucible every week as well as having fun on Titanfall, GTA 5 and other Xbox One online games. We're donating prizes for their [...]

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New Chrome Button Sets for PS4 Controllers

While we love all of our crazy coloured and different styles of controller shell sometimes you just want to update your trusty old PS4 Controller shell but give it a bit more polish and style without changing the whole thing.  That's when you usually choose a nice chrome button set to brighten it up and [...]

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Iron Man Controllers come to Xbox One and PS4

We've got loads of new Xbox One and PS4 stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks so expect some new controller shells, button sets and skin to be making an appearance!  For now though here are 2 awesome new controller shell sets we've made for both consoles in the style of Iron Man. [...]

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Create your own custom Xbox 360 Controller!

Would you like an Xbox 360 Call of Duty Shell with Gold Bullet Buttons and Metal Blue Thumbsticks?  Or maybe a Red Dragon Scale shell with Green chrome buttons and trims with Gold Metal Thumbsticks?  Whatever kind of custom design you can come up with you can create it here with our brand new Create Your [...]

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Nearly There!

It's been a long week coming but the weekend is almost with us (or with any luck you're basking in it already when you read this).  To celebrate we're giving you 10% offour Xbox One Carbon, Xbox 360 Crazy Red Skulls and PS4 Sticker Bomb Shells for this weekend only! With Free UK delivery and Free [...]

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New PS4 Crazy Green Controller Shell

We think we've got a new favourite PS4 controller shell now we've just got our hands on our brand new Crazy Green Skulls design!It's got our great Crazy Green Skulls pattern over the front and back and is complimented with black buttons, thumbsticks and D-Pad.  This PS4 Controller Shell stands out as not only has [...]

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Our New Custom Creations Section starring YOUR controllers!

We love everything about customising controllers and we love to see what creations people have come up with once they have their new shell, skin or button set.  Whether it's putting your shell together straight out of the box or customising it by adding some different buttons or thumbsticks people every day are making amazing [...]

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