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Our latest cheap Custom Xbox One Controllers!

It's been a few days since we released a new controller with skulls on it so lets fix that right now with 2 new designs!  2 different skull layouts on the Xbox One Controller, one a bit more realistic and the other a bit more manic :)  Welcome to our world of cheap custom Xbox [...]

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Dragon Scales - This could be our best custom Xbox One Controller!

Over the coming weeks we're going to be releasing more and more custom controllers for you and we have 2 very special gamepads for you today, one of which could be our best custom Xbox One Controller. It's one we really love and it's our  Red Dragon Scale Controller. We like skulls and blood on our controllers round [...]

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On the lookout for a cheap custom Xbox One Controller? Look here!

The latest in our line of custom Xbox One Controllers is here and were happy to say the theme of skulls and blood runs deep at the moment!  And with lots more designs coming over the next week this is the perfect time to get your hands on a cheap custom Xbox One Controller! First up today is [...]

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Even more custom game controllers for PS4 released!

We're loving our custom Dualshock 4 controllers right now and we're having so much fun with them we've released a bunch more!  Each of our custom controllers is built right here at Control Blast HQ and goes through a full range of tests before it's ready to be sold. We love making them and we think [...]

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Wow...even more Dualshock 4 controllers released! Custom Controllers PS4

Just when you thought you are spoiled for choice we thought we'd hit you with some great new controllers straight from us at Control Blast.  These are our latest controller to be released and we're proud these have made it into our section known as Custom Controllers PS4.First up is a classic and a design we've loved [...]

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Blood Spatter Custom Xbox One Controller Shell on sale now

Following on from our Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Front Shell is a full blood covered custom Xbox One Controller Shell!  Our Scary Blood Spatter shell looks like it was in the middle of an explosion at a headshot factory and is covered in blood splatters and drops.The front shell, back, shoulders, triggers and d-pad all [...]

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Zombie Blood Hand Xbox One Controller Front Shell Now Available

We're really happy that we've got a great new Xbox One Controller Front Shell available for you!  It's a design we've liked for a long time and it's available exclusively for Xbox One Controllers right now! It's our brand new  Zombie Blood Hand Faceplate and we think it looks bloody, Zombie like and pretty amazing. The design has [...]

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More Custom Dualshock 4 Controllers out now!

As promised we've added a load more Custom Dualshock 4 Controllers to our collection and they are available to you right now!We've taken inspiration from our awesome controller shells and created loads more PS4 controllers for you which will save you all the hassle of taking apart your own controller and let you get on with gaming!How about [...]

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Custom PS4 Controllers available now!

So if you don't fancy taking your beloved Dualshock 4 apart to fit one of our  fancy shells what is the easiest way to get a fully functional Customised PS4 controller?  Have us build it for you of course! That way you can have one of our great Custom PS4 Controllers without any hassle and any risk of ripping [...]

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Xbox 360 Custom Controller Creator - Design your very own controller!

Hot on the heels of our Xbox 360 Custom Controllers going on sale is the launch of our Xbox 360 Custom Controller Creator! You can choose and combination of our great range of Shells, Buttons and Thumb sticks to create your very own unique controller in your very own style!Fancy an Iron Man Shell with Gold Metal [...]

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